how does it work

the same as with a traditionnal doctor


a) The first thing I need to understand is why you have come to me? Are you:

  • looking for a healthier lifestyle (balancing your diet, improving your daily life)?

  • in a special moment of your life (pregnancy, weaning, quitting tobacco, etc.)?

  • suffering from specific disorders (indigestion, weight gain or loss, insomnia, fatigue, overexertion, joint problems, tingling, etc.)?


b) We then review your health: it is an overall assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, your excesses and deficiencies. This is an "inventory" of your life and your body, which defines the strategy to adjust to the following parameters:

  • Lifestyle

  • Personal and professional rhythms

  • Eating habits

  • Current state of health

  • Medical history


c) Finally, we talk about your nutritional profile. This is a closer look at your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, an assessment of your toxic overloads through a questionnaire and/or blood tests (see article )


The execution phase is characterised by regular and planned discussions over a fixed and agreed period of time. The subject is always the same…you, your program and your progress! If necessary, we are able to couple this with an active coaching program.

Your "get back in shape" program is made of flexible phases, since each person is unique.

  • Basics

    • Macronutrients: proteins, lipids (fats) and carbohydrates (sugar), when to eat what and in what quantities

    • Supplements: how to combine them, when, what should be avoided

    • Drinks: amount and kind of alcohol, water, juice, tea, coffee

    • Deviation: if you want to cheat, might as well cheat smartly

  • Prepare your body to function better with specific tools

    • Liver detoxification.

    • Drainage of the liver

    • Rebalancing the intestinal flora.

    • How to control your ideal body pH (with alkaline foods)

    • Reduction of inflammation.

  • Give your body what it needs

    • Recommendation of a suitable diet: chrono-biological, high protein, dissociated, alkaline foods, draining, but also for sports, pregnancy etc.

    • Nutritional supplementation: trace elements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential oils, probiotics.

    • Restoration of pH balance.



An active follow-up to help you find new basic habits.

Gradual changes in some of your habits, discovering other ways to cook, and 

enriching your culinary skills.

  • Inventory of fridge and cupboards: oils, seeds, grains, sugar, jam, frozen foods,
    preserves, rice, pasta, other starchy foods (quinoa, bulgur wheat), grasses and 

    spices, etc. What you don't need is replaced.

  • Visit to the (super) market: knowing what to buy and what to avoid

  • Possibility of cooking classes to learn some quick and 

    effective ways to best cook for you, your family and friends.


For those who do not want home support, it is possible to organise meetings in the office with simple and effective advice.


As a nutrition therapist, I advise you on your diet,
but also on micronutrients tailored to the state of your health:


Before that, I must gather as much information as possible on:


This is done with special questionnaires, which we do together.

In addition to the traditional summary, it is sometimes necessary to use specific biological assessments. These blood and urine tests are used to establish in detail the excesses and deficiencies, but also determine other results about your health (oxidative stress, immune dysfunction, statements of fatty acids, inflammatory conditions).

In detail, here are the steps of nutritional consultations:

how does it appen