food affect our health; clinical studies have proven it

We can establish the link between our eating habits and the health problems we face daily (low energy, extra weight, depression, digestive problems, headaches, etc.). Additionally, our eating habits are instigators of chronic diseases.

We are all unique through our heritage and everyday life. It is necessary to identify this uniqueness, to select a suitable and specific diet. Depending on who you are, it is fundamental to pinpoint your deficiencies and your excesses.

An appointment with a nutritionist is the same as one with a 

traditional doctor, beginning with a general consultation about your
health and eating habits. But it also covers the basics of nutrition.
Using questionnaires and biological analysis (blood and urine),
the nutritionist establishes a tailor-made
nourishing and complimentary program,
based on the principles of micronutrition.

This approach is precise, customised and personalised.

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