My approach

prevention and healing through food

This is exactly what Hippocrates had in mind when he wrote: "Let your food be your first medicine". The food we eat is the only thing we consume three times a day throughout our lives.

In other words, we are what we eat!
Our whole body, down to our smallest cells and other tissues, is made of what we eat.

Because of production methods (pesticides), extraction methods (refining) or cooking methods (microwave, frying), human beings are consuming increasingly poor foods, as all these processes destroy micronutrients. Once you understand this, you need to start compensating.

Everyone's life (family, career, social life, stress) also complicates the assimilation of these micronutrients. You therefore need supplements.

But beware...taking these supplements is not a trivial matter. Some associations can be dangerous. That's why micronutrient supplementation must be done under supervision.

It is necessary to know when and how to take them.

Here are three examples that warrant support in the taking of these supplements: