my journey

i enjoy cooking, I like eating

Having children myself made me very aware of my views on what and how to eat. I realised it was possible to combine health with pleasure. To cook and eat properly, without sacrificing flavour or taste I also quickly realised that what children eat has an immediate effect on their behavior and systems (hyperactivity). In addition, everyone realises today, that we eat more and more unstructured industrial products with low nutritional content.

So who should you believe?
Your grandmother?
The marketing gurus of multinationals?
In the end, I went back to school, and after
a few years, here I am a graduate in nutrition therapy.

University degree in sports nutrition:
'Nutrition, micronutrition, health and performance'
Directed by Denis Riché
Poitiers University 2013-2014

IFMV, Geneva, 2008-2011: Certificate "Nutrithérapeute"
ECN, Geneva, 2007-2008: Basic Nutrition
Recognized by the Geneva Cantonal physician 2011
Approved by ASCA 2011