tricks and tips

tricks and tips

"To lose weight, start by eating! "

Eating less is the worst solution ... it is the easiest way to be hungry after three days, to be malnourished, to curb weight loss over the long term and regain the weight lost.

"I'd rather eat a very light lunch to be able to eat more at night!"

Wrong! Ideally you should eat a good portion of protein at noon with vegetables and a little starch.

"I eat light in the evening: white bread with cheese! "

This is not a light meal and it's all wrong! One should eat fat (cheese) in the morning and avoid foods with high glycemic index (white bread) at night, especially when both are acidifying.

"I never eat a snack, it's for kids! "

Too bad, it is often between 4 and 5 pm that we need a little snack. This is the perfect time to allow for a square of dark chocolate (or two), a fruit and some nuts or seeds. It regulates the appetite and it stimulates serotonin (the hormone of calmness).

"I want to lose my excess weight. So I avoid starch! "

On the contrary! It is shown that losing weight is easier with a diet whose proportion of carbohydrates (starches, legumes) is not totally reduced ... It is just a matter of picking the right ones and knowing when to eat them.

"I avoid potatoes! "

Too bad, cooked with their skin, their glycemic index is much lower than that of white bread (and even lower if allowed to cool). Since they are alkaline, they help you to find the correct pH balance.

"I'm afraid to quit smoking because I'm afraid of gaining weight! "

One in three people who quit do not gain weight! For those whom it concerns, the average is 3 kg for men and 4 kg for women.
A person who stops smoking has lower daily energy expenditure by about 200 calories compared to normal.
It will also increase one's food intake by about 300 calories. We must therefore balance our energy budget of about 500 calories

In other words, one must:

Having a smoker's weight while not smoking calls for a change in eating habits over the long term rather than undertaking a drastic regime over 3 weeks.

"I am very stressed and I often get sick! "

Not only does stress cause many functional problems, but it evacuates Magnesium and Vitamin C.

"What about my cellulite? "

It affects 90% of women, much less, men. This applies to all ages, thin or big alike.

In medical terms, cellulite is an inflammation of fatty tissue under the skin, which can, after some time, oxidise because they are no longer vascularised by capillary blood vessels. Several factors may be involved:

First we must identify the causes of cellulite before working on it. For those who have seen the cellulite appear with the recent arrival of a few extra pounds, the loss of this weight certainly improves the situation. And for others, unfortunately, losing weight is not a solution if the explanation of the "problem" does not come from there!

"How to have a drink without gaining weight? "

One should eat a small snack before having a drink. And then, when possible, go for champagne or red wine.

"Did you know? "